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    Virility is regarded as the powerful of human desires. When driven by the energy of the desire, women and men develop some incredible qualities, including visualization and imagination, courage and willpower and skill to persist regardless of all obstacles and difficulties. Sexual energy is really powerful that it's the source behind all creative achievements considered "genius." Each time a individual is capable of transmute or sublimate this powerful life force his / her imaginative capability and inventive energy becomes unstoppable.

    Language of Desire
    To harness and redirect our sexual energy often requires strong self-control, especially nowadays with well over sexualized images bombarding us in media, TV, the web, movies, concerts and also observing the way some individuals are dressed in public environments. Some people feel they should express their sexuality regardless of its detrimental effect upon others (e.g., enticing someone from their spouse, forcing someone against their will, or betraying a partner's trust). Some people go to the other extreme and deny, suppress and avoid working with their sexuality, in other words, they suppress and block their creative energy.

    Once we are in anxiety about our sexuality or allow our sexual really wants to take precedence over our willpower, we become simply a human animal sniffing out its next prey or cowering in fear of becoming prey. Once we embody our full sexual energy and harness the emotional quality toward noble and beneficial outcomes, we make use of our personal spiritual capacity which Napoleon calls our "Sixth Sense."

    The healthy mind stimulants (such as love, wish for fame or power or money, the consequence of music, friendship, a mastermind, mutual suffering or auto-suggestion), based on Napoleon Hill, author of Of the same title, "will either temporarily, or permanently, boost the vibrations of thought." Of all of the possible influences, the drive for sexual expression is easily the most potent and also the use of narcotics and alcohol, even though it temporarily enhances creativity, is among the most destructive.

    Among my enlightened instructors, Dr. Mary Calderone, taught us that sex and love go together. I never forgot that. The truth is, it is now a fundamental premise of my relationship counseling. Napoleon Hill explains so clearly WHY sex and love go together. When full of sexual interest solely when considering having a "sexual" outlet, a male or woman's actions may be disorganized, distorted as well as destructive. However when sexual interest is "mixed using the emotion of love," it does not take most powerful combined force for creation, procreation and surviving in a healthy society.

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